Saki Deizan emerged with the aim to make known other culture. Specifically, the different cultures that are part of the Asian continent and its 48 countries.

Each country has its own culture, its traditions and often these cultures often collide due the difference between their habits and manners.

The Asian continent is one of the most complex and largest. It’s the continent with the highest proportion of concentrated population on the planet, in addition to being the second youngest continent (after Africa) and where in recent years most of the global growth and progress is concentrated.

Its main characteristic is its great heterogeneity.

That’s why, one day chatting in the office, we came up with the idea of opening an online store in which you can not only buy things but also you can learn through your purchases.

All of us have ever seen a Daruma doll, a Ganesha, a Maneki-Neko (commonly known as Lucky Cat), etc. But we don't usually stop to think about its meaning. Moreover, most of the time we call them "Chinese objects", completely ignoring their origin or meaning.

Our purpose is that, with our products, you could learn certain cultural and mythological aspects about the different asian cultures. Making the attention focus on the meaning and importance of each element.